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HD Biosciences and Anchor Therapeutics Form Collaboration for Co-marketing Pepducin-mediated GPCR Technology

HD Biosciences Co., Ltd (HDB) and Anchor Therapeutics, Inc. today announced that they have formed a strategic collaboration to co-develop and co-market Anchor’s proprietary pepducin technology and provide novel drug development solutions to global pharmaceutical companies with drug discovery efforts focused on G-protein coupled receptors (GPCR).

Pepducins are proprietary lipidated peptide modulators for GPCR signaling. They may stabilize receptor conformation, promote or inhibit dimerization, and modulate interaction of GPCR with signalosome. As a strong research tool, pepducin technology enables high throughput screening (HTS) campaigns for the identification of special class of compounds and allosteric ligands, facilitates biophysical studies via stabilization of GPCRs in different activation states and functionally de-orphanizes GPCRs to provide tools for interrogation of pharmacology in vitro and in vivo.

As a key component of HDB’s plate-based pharmacology service capabilities, GPCR assays and screenings is one of the most active research and development areas that attracts global clients and partners in drug discoveries. With over 200 recombinant GPCR cell lines in house, some of which are orphan receptors, combining a variety assay formats with pepducin technology allows HDB to enhance its capabilities for supporting hit identification, lead discovery and receptor selectivity profiling. The collaboration is also designed to provide broader exposure and accessibility of pepducin technology across pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries through HDB’s global client base. HDB’s clients will gain unprecedented access to not only the pepducin screening platform but also HDB-Anchor’s joint expertise in GPCR research.

“Anchor’s pepducin technology has provided a novel approach to search very special GPCR related compounds that have potential to alter the receptor functions. We believe this technology will be very valuable in GPCR related drug discovery.” commented Dr. Xuehai Tan, President and Chief Executive Officer of HDB. “As one of the global leaders in biology focused contract research services, HDB emphasizes on innovative and scientific driven technologies in order to deliver extra value to our clients. The partnership between HDB and Anchor is a perfect example to demonstrate our commitment to grow the expertise and strengthen our leadership in GPCR R&D.” Dr. Tan continues his comments.

“Anchor Therapeutics is extremely pleased to partner its pepducin technology with HD Biosciences, one of the leading companies providing state of the art high throughput screening services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients,” said Thomas J. McMurry, PhD, Anchor’s Interim President. Dr. McMurry continued, “Through this collaboration, Anchor and HDB will expand the validation of pepducin high throughput screening probes in order to provide HDB’s clients with access to innovative screens designed to facilitate access to novel small molecule pharmacophores.”

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Catalent Solidifies Inhalation Product Development Capabilities With New Offering

Catalent Pharma Solutions has acquired advanced fine powder filling capability, which solidifies Catalent’s position as a leader in development and manufacturing services to the pharmaceutical inhalation sector. With the purchase of Harro Höfliger’s Omnidose filling equipment, Catalent now offers its customers fully scaleable dry powder inhaler (DPI) filling capability. This widely-accepted technology, to be housed in Catalent’s Research Triangle Park, North Carolina facility, provides a flexible platform to reliably support all clinical manufacture through Phase II/III and a scaleable path to higher volume late stage clinical and commercial manufacturing.

The Harro Höfliger equipment is an advanced technology specialized in powder filling for microdosing, in the 1 – 300 mg of powder range, into an array of DPI formats to include both capsule-based and pre-metered blister device formats. This new capability gives Catalent a full range of pulmonary and nasal services, filling a gap in the marketplace for advanced powder filling capabilities. Catalent will now be able to serve as a one-stop-shop for the development of all inhalation dosage forms, possessing both the capital assets and technical experience. This recent addition complements Catalent’s pre-existing automated pMDI infrastructure.

Catalent’s primary location for inhalation product development is in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina where its experienced team offers comprehensive pulmonary and nasal services to help take a product from concept through regulatory approval. Catalent has extensive experience with all pulmonary dosage forms including pMDIs, DPIs, nasal sprays and solutions/suspensions for inhalation. For more information on Catalent’s proficiency in dosage form selection, technology assessment, formulation development, analytical testing and supplying toxicological and clinical trial materials, please visit www.catalent.com/development.

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